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The thoughts and ideas shared on this blog are mine and mine only. It is opinion-based and these opinions do not reflect the ideas, ideologies, or points of view of any organization I link to here. Some of the links that I share I am an affiliate with, which means I make a small amount of money if you purchase after clicking on my shared link.

The information on my blog is authentic to the best of my knowledge, and as such, is prone to errors and absence of some key information. In all cases I do my best to research thoroughly before I post but I may miss things sometimes.

My blog is generated for entertainment and informative purposes, but not to be perceived as professional advice in regards to health or finances, or any other field. **I will edit and add that my advice should not be perceived as professional advice when it comes to horse training or feeding or hoof trimming. I share what is working (and what is not working) for my horses in my situation here in Montana. Where you are things may be different.

When I share a blog I am sharing my opinion. And when I share my opinion I am never trying to say anyone else is wrong if they choose not to do what I share. There are many different ways to achieve the same end result. I am only responsible for MY end result. If I find ways to get there that may make it easier for you or your horse then I will feel compelled to share here.

If you decided to get a different harness or use different harness pieces that is up to you. I will not judge you or try to make you feel bad about that. If you ever feel that I have done that, know that I would never do that on purpose and in fact it wasn’t even a thought in my head when I was sharing or talking with you. I share what I have learned over the years and that is all! In fact I go out and about in my community and help make the harnesses they have work for their situation. Now if things are down right dangerous then I will say so. We will often only have to swap out a part or two to make things work just fine for what they are doing!

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I read all the time. I watch videos and take online courses when I can afford them. I just attended my first driving clinic early this spring taught by Alex Fraser of the Fraser School of Driving. Before that, I had never taken a driving lesson or even been able to attend a driving clinic, unless I was teaching it… So take what I have to share with a grain of salt! (I have worked with two professional miniature horse handlers, but let me tell you that show driving in the ring is VERY different than any other type of driving.) I am pretty much self taught through trial and error. My horses and ponies have been my greatest teachers.


So this is a little background… please don’t take this as bragging. I just wanted to clear a few things up. And still know, I am not judging anyone or trying to make anyone feel wrong.

One of my favorite sayings is:

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As I learn to do better I share what I’ve learned. That’s just the way I’m programmed. If it helps you, then great! If it doesn’t help you, then great!

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