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How To Put Your Bike Together After You Unpack It

I walk you through the entire process of putting your KBike together one piece at a time. Please be sure you thoroughly check the tightness of ALL the bolts on the KBike when you receive it.


I start by putting the stirrups or foot pegs on the correct shaft. There is a LEFT and a RIGHT stirrup to please pay attention to that part. 

Then, I slide the shafts into the frame and tighten those down. 

Next, I put the wheels on.

And lastly, the seat goes on!

How To Customize YOUR
KBike For YOUR Pony

This video walks you through customizing the width and the length of your shafts so you too can get the PERFECT fit for your pony. The balance this bike has is AMAZING!!!

First, you will want to make sure your shafts are the correct width. I show how to do this in the video below. The shafts adjust by turning. You turn the gig end of the shaft AWAY from the pony to make them narrower (at the shoulders) and wider at the tummy. Turn the gig end towards the ground to make them wider at the shoulder.

My method isn't a very scientific or mathematical way of figuring out the length your shafts need to be, but it's how I figured it out. LOL! At first the shafts were quite a bit too long. My traces are 64" long, that's a decent length of trace for a pony of Zorro's size when using a bike. To use the bike with the shafts as they came I would have needed to lengthen my traces about 8-10 inches. If I were competing in CDE's I would have considered purchasing custom traces to use with my bike. But I am trail driving and like to be fairly close to my pony. So I knew I needed to trim my shafts.

We measured from Zorro's tail to the front of the seat with the seat set in the middle position on the slider. Then we went and cut 1" off. We didn't want to over do it! I took him out and drove him. It was immediately clear that the shafts were too long. They were pushing my shaft loops forward when I asked him to slow down. The shaft loops also wanted to ride too far BACK on the shafts. The loop should sit right IN the curve of the gig end, not behind it. So, off to the garage we went to trim a bit more off!

We ended up trimming 3" off total. It's amazing how little it takes to get things SPOT ON. When you are dealing with equines this small any small change = a bit change!

So, to customize your shafts you are going to want to try them, see how they work with your harness, make a few tweaks here and there and try again. I guess in a way it IS scientific as it's rather an experiment. LOL!

How To Attach Your Foot Basket To Your KBike

This video walks your through putting the shaft extenders on your foot basket and then attaching the foot basket to your KBike.

First, you'll have to take the short shafts off your KBike. Then, remove the stirrups.

Loosen the lock bolts on the frame of the foot basket, then slide the shaft extenders into the frame. I leave my extenders on my foot basket all the time, storing it that way.

Once you tighten the lock bolts back up you can pick up the foot basket with the extenders on, and slide that onto your KBike frame.

Next, you'll tighten up all the lock bolts on the KBike frame.

Then, you'll slide your short shafts into the extenders and tighten those lock bolts.

Lastly, you'll do up the straps on the back of the foot basket! Now you are ready to head out for some driving training.

How To Put Quick Release Shackles On Your KBike Single Tree

In this video I show you how to put the quick release shackles on your KBike. You can purchase them here:

To make it easier to pull the ring on the shackle you can either purchase these little pulls: or make some yourself!

Be SURE to put thread locker on the screw that connects your shackles to your single tree. You can find it at your local hardware store. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! DO NOT DRIVE YOUR KBIKE WITHOUT PUTTING THREAD LOCKER ON YOUR QUICK RELEASE SHACKLES!!

If you have traces that ONLY have slots you'll need a trace adapter that will make it so your slot has a ring. This will allow you to snap your traces to the quick release shackle. You can find those here:

How To Put Your Ski Attachments On Your KBike

In this video I will show you how to put your ski attachments on your KBike so you can enjoy sledding in the snow with your ponies!

These snow mobile skis are wide and lightweight making it super easy for your pony to pull you through the snow, no matter if the snow is light and fluffy or hard and icy. 

It's really easy to swap your wheels for the skis. I show exactly how to do that in the video below!

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