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KBike Update June 25, 2024


The KBikes are all powder coated, most have been quality checked (we have a few more bikes to put together tomorrow) and they are ready to ship!!!

All the glossy black bikes are packaged and due for pick up, by UPS, tomorrow and Thursday. All the other bikes will be picked up - provided UPS cooperates, on Friday.

Shipping labels will be made, and printed, starting tonight. Those KBikes that are heading out tomorrow, will have three tracking numbers per bike. The frame and seat are in one box, the shafts and stirrups in another, and the wheels in a third.

Tracking numbers for each box will be emailed as the labels are made. Sometimes these end up in junk boxes so keep your eye out! EVERYONE who ordered a bike should have a tracking number BY Friday, June 28th, 2024.

I will also send an email to each person who purchased a bike with a few photos of THEIR bike all put together, like these:

We put each bike together, then take them apart, wrap them, and box them. It's a process, as we have to make sure things fit together properly. Sometimes, there is a bit of grinding, and filing to accomplish this.

But eventually everything smoothes out, cleans up, and fits perfectly!

I want to thank everyone that has supported us over the years. This has been a fun and wild ride to be sure. Barb is more than ready to take over fabricating and selling the KBikes and will do a WONDERFUL job of it all!!

Thank you.

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