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KBike Update May 2024!

Hi All!

This is a quick update for all of you that purchased a KBike this spring, May 2024. I have placed the order with the fabricator, and they gave me an approximation of 6 weeks - with the hope that they will be able to finish them sooner. Crossing fingers!

We have ordered all the other parts and pieces; wheels, tires, tubes, seats, sliders, hardware... those this will be delivered in a week or two. Then we can put the wheels and tires together, put the sliders and seats together and be ready for the frames.

I will take photos and videos of this process and share as we go.

So, for now, we are all waiting!

**I do want to announce that this will be our LAST KBike batch. I am going to send everyone that wants a bike to Barb, in Canada, after this. When she is ready, I will share all her info here.

Also, as announced in the last blog, she IS going to be making the footbaskets this summer and is happy to ship to the US, so everyone and anyone that wants one can order from her!

(Believe me, you will SAVE money having her build and ship them. The price for us to make and ship them was insane. Shipping from Montana is very expensive for some reason. Though people can ship using freight in many of the US states, for very affordable prices, all the quotes I received to ship a KBike were around $2000... To have something freighted from Canada to Montana is cheaper than if I were to send something to Canada from Montana using the same freight company. There is no rhyme or reason to this. I do not understand. But I received quotes from 4 different freight companies and they all came in around $2000.)

Keep an eye on this blog for a next KBike update for this spring batch!

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