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Masks for Minis

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Okay guys! I have a new product to share with you…

Miniature horse fly masks MADE for miniature horses! Masks for Minis! (If you don’t have Facebook and are interested in getting one of these masks shoot me an email and I will put you in touch with Sue!)


Not only are these adorable, but they fit the minis perfectly AND they don’t rub on their eyelashes.


All three of my ponies have blue eyes. I noticed last year that they were kind of goopy in the summer time and of course the flies love a goopy eye. Zorro is such a light color that he will sometimes be kind of squinty in the bright sun and I thought a fly mask would help that as well.

So far I have been very happy with how they are working! No one has any runny or goopy eyes and they are keeping the masks ON! For the first couple of days one or the other of them would get their mask off, but for the last 3 days they have all kept them on all day!


I put them on the in the morning when I do the morning feeding. Then I take them off in the evening when I do the evening chores. If I work with anyone during the day I remove the mask while I am grooming and give them a chance to acclimate to not having the eye protection on. I am tossing around the idea of leaving them on when we go hiking and such.

I had someone ask if they have any sort of UV protection. I told her to ask Sue and this was the answer she shared with us!

Yes. From 70-80% with the standard mesh to 90% with the hi-block mesh. I also do eye shades which work like visors to help shade the eyes.

They adjust behind the ears and also under the jaw. Surprisingly Zorro has the widest head of all three of my ponies. He has such a diamond shaped head it just shocked me that he was so much wider! LOL


Behind the ears adjustment.


Under the jaw adjustment.

So if you have been looking for that perfect fly mask for your minis… look no further than Masks for Minis!!

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