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Mikey’s Boots – The Ultimate Jogging Shoe

Updated: Aug 29, 2019


Mikey got his new boots on Tuesday and I finally had a chance to try them on. They fit him very well and are nice and soft but there are some major differences between the Ultimate model and the Active model.


The Ultimate boots do not have a break over… I don’t like this at all, so I will be rasping one with my hoof rasp. I’ll let you know how this goes!


The Ultimate boots also don’t have as aggressive tread as the Actives or the 24/7 boots. I prefer the more aggressive tread.


I do think these boots will drain water very well and with a bit of a break over they will work just fine for Mikey for a few years. He isn’t ready to really get to work yet. We will be taking it easy his first year of driving, which will be next year anyway.


Now I’m going to rant a bit:

On a side note, Zorro threw a boot, but it’s because I didn’t get enough glue on that first boot when I put them on. It was my fault. But I didn’t receive enough glue to reapply the boot so I had to order more. I’m a little frustrated because I ordered the glue on Saturday, it was shipped out on the 17th and is still not here. So Zorro has been wearing one boot for a week. Grrrrr. I have a very good reason for why I wanted the glue on boots and am frustrated that our situation is not taken seriously. I’m sorry to rant a bit but it is so frustrating!!

Ordering all of these boots was a bit difficult. They take a long time to get and at one point in the ordering process I was basically told that I couldn’t order the 24/7’s and that they wouldn’t work for my horse. They fit him perfectly so I don’t understand why they make it so hard to get these boots. They are beautiful boots, very well made and quite expensive. But it shouldn’t be so hard to buy them! Just a heads up if you are planning on ordering a pair. Be prepared to wait a long time…

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