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My Tiny Pony Track System - Update!

Updated: May 23, 2022

It's time for another track system update! It's been almost 2 years that we've had this little track and I still really like how I have it set up. There isn't anything I would want to change about they way I designed it. I would like to add another little track section to give it some more dimension and to switch things up for the boys a little bit, but the main track has been working perfectly!

Right now I only have two ponies living on it, Zorro and Oliver. Oliver loves to gallop around and around the track, jumping the rails I have on the back side and whizzing through the sandy areas. Sometimes Zorro joins him on these wild romps. I NEVER have my phone when they do this!

I do need to add more sand to the "beach" area and would love to be able to put some pea gravel in some areas, but since we rent I can't put too much into the footing.

I am planning on adding some safe bushes along the north end of the track to give them something to browse on. Kind of like a hedge row. I have been researching the best bushes for our climate and that are pony safe. Hopefully I'll be successful in growing SOMETHING! I have a rather black thumb and seem to kill most everything I plant... Wish me luck!

Now onto the video:

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