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My Tiny Track a Year Later

Updated: May 23, 2022

It's been a year since we built the little track the ponies currently live on. And I am happy to say everything has been working beautifully! The winter was so much easier with our current set up. That's my biggest challenge here, where we not only get feet of snow, but the WIND never stops blowing.

I love my tack shed with the twinkle lights. I have them both inside the tack part and also in the hay part. So, when I have to feed at night, I can just flip on the lights and see perfectly to weigh and measure their feed. Plus it looks so cheerful!

I'll take you around in photos and then add the video at the bottom of the blog:

First of all, the main track is 112 feet long by 48 feet wide. I put a fence up in the middle to make it a track and now my chickens live in there! It works perfectly.

When you enter the main gate, that section of the track is 11 feet wide:

Behind the shed the track is 12 feet wide. Then we come to the water and the large open area in front of their little shed:

The little shed is 5 1/2 feet deep by 12 feet long:

It's very snug in the winter with the addition of shavings.

Next up is the back side of the track. I have put some poles and things to navigate on that side, for the summer only, to help Zorro with his sticky stifle that he has on his left hind leg:

Then, we come to the feed stations!

Between Sky's feed station and the little arena is 12 1/2 feet. Then over at Oliver's feed station there is 12 feet between the fences. (More on Oliver coming soon!!!)

On this end of the track I added a little arena for obstacles and then fenced in the other shed I have. This gives the ponies one more place to shelter in the winter. I will have to put a little bit of hay in that shed, but it's plenty big enough for 3 ponies and a ton of hay.

The ponies went straight in to check out all the new obstacles. They were stepping on everything and putting things in their mouths. I love how brave and curious they are!

Of course I always have a kitty or two "helping" me with our obstacle training:

The ponies enjoying the shade in the larger shed:

Sky is wearing her Masks For Minis fly mask. Because of the issues with her eyes she is more comfortable with the mask on when it's bright and sunny. She will be the only pony here that wears her mask in the winter!

Below is the video of the track!

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email!

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