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Nose Bags

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I love only having the three minis. It has really simplified my life that’s for sure! BUT there always has to be that one horse that is food crazy… around here that’s Sky. She will either eat her feed really fast OR she’ll leave her pan all together to go bother the other horses. I’m sure she is making certain their feed isn’t better than her own. However Bonnie is on Thyro-L now and I don’t want Sky eating that because it will mess with her thyroid. So I’ve had to lock Sky in her “feed pen” where she can just focus on her own feed and let everyone else do their thing.

In the last few weeks I’ve noticed that Bonnie will leave some of her feed uneaten and go push Zorro off so she can eat his, then she’ll go back to hers. Zorro will just wander off and come find me so at least he hasn’t been trying to eat Bonnie’s with her meds in it! But Bonnie certainly doesn’t need anything extra. With all the snow and drifting I can’t build another feed pen and really don’t want the hassle of that so I started looking for a better way to manage their morning feeding.

(Also I would love to be able to go away for more than just one day. Bonnie is so scared of everyone but me I don’t think I could have someone come over, put her in a pen and get her to eat her feed without a lot of drama and trouble. She can’t miss even one day of her Thyro-L so I thought there HAD to be a better way!)

I was on the Horse Track Facebook page a couple of weeks ago and an old post popped up where the gal was showing all 5-6 of her horses happily eating their hard feed out of nose bags. Then I remembered my favorite instructors, Lorri Roy and Ethan Zimmerman also feed their horses their hard feed in nose bags and how easy and drama free it was the last time I was there helping feed.


I started shopping around for miniature nose bags. They were rather pricey and I wasn’t even sure my idea would work so I didn’t want to sink $25-$30 into one nose bag and have it be an epic fail. After all I was going to need 3 of them! I kept googling around until I found Tammy Hennager at TMH Specialties on Etsy! Her nose bags were only $15! And when I contacted her she was willing and able to make me exactly what I needed size wise and in different colors so I could tell them apart! Whoot!

So Bonnie has a purple nose bag, Zorro has a blue one and Sky has a burgundy one.


Bonnie eagerly reached out to put her face in hers. She is really good about being muzzled and it looks a lot like her muzzle so she was more than happy to put her face in there! And surprise! There was an awesome cookie.


So if you think these would work for you head on over to Tammy’s and order your nose bags too!

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