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Sledding with Sky

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

You guys!!! This was so. much. fun. Seriously!!! What a total blast!

This morning I woke up to a winter wonderland and I was so excited!! I could hardly wait to get out there and try out my sled! I didn’t get to use it last year but spend quite a bit of time painting the attachment, getting it ready for winter. (I wrote about my attachment last winter. You can find that blog HERE.)


I had to take the shafts off my cart and put them on the sled, then do some adjusting with the collar and hames and single tree, but I got it all working together. It is EXTREMELY important that you have the correct harness parts to do this. Pulling this sled with the hay bale and myself in it through the deep snow was not easy for Sky. She was working pretty hard! But having the collar and hames made it possible.


She wanted to canter and canter. I figured it was easier for her to canter pulling me through the snow so I let her make a few passes that way.


Then I asked for some trotting and walking. She was feeling some anxiety about the entire thing so I wanted to finish on a calm note.


I think you can tell by my face that I had a good time. I love how my attachment worked. It lifted the front of the sled so it didn’t dig into the snow, working exactly as I had invisioned. I still think my collar is a bit big and it’s not very good quality so I will be ordering her a better one as soon as I can! I wasn’t sure I would enjoy this so much but I DID so it’s time to invest in a better collar and hames.

So. much. fun.

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