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Taking a Break

Sometimes we have to take a break in our horsemanship. These breaks can be due to injury (us or our pony!), sickness (us or our pony!), or just a general busy-ness. And let me tell you, breaks can be just the thing you both needed! I have had more big break throughs after short or long breaks than after just about anything else over the years. Which is good because on October 10th I got a call from our local COVID nurse with the news that I tested positive for COVID-19.

I'm not horribly sick, but definitely sick enough. I'm so tired that there don't seem to be words to appropriately explain just how tired I feel. My lungs are achy and I have been taking my inhaler often throughout the day to keep things from escalating there.

I do go out and do my morning chores and my evening chores. But otherwise the ponies are on their own. And guess what!? They all look fantastic. Absolutely wonderful. They are finally getting along better than ever. Last night Sky let Oliver eat off a hay net right beside her without pinning her ears or sending him away. Thank goodness! I'm so grateful that they seem to like each other after these last few months. One less thing for me to worry about right now!

The day times are fine. But night? When I wake up in the middle of the night I lay here thinking of all the long term side effects people are experiencing after over coming COVID. Then I start worrying about my two boys, 18 and 19 years old. My 18 year old starting having lung aches yesterday and is puffing on one of my inhalers to keep ahead of it. He, my 19 year old and my hubby are going to get tested today.

Our house is on lock down. I am in isolation for the next 9 days. The boys for 14 days unless they test positive. Then they will be in isolation for the next 10 days as well! I guess this is a good time to get caught up on all things quiet and slow. Reading, writing a blog post here and there, journaling, listening to pod casts, watching Madam Secretary. (I really love that show. Tea` Leoni is so great!)

Here is a video I made yesterday. Just to put some people's mind at ease and to clear up questions about my health:

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