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The KBikes are almost ready!!

We picked up the KBikes yesterday, August 24th. We came home, prepped them and then put everything together. We always do this for EACH AND EVERY BIKE. I'm so glad we do because -

There are two issues:

  • The stirrups are sold in sets and they have a distinct left and right. Over half of the stirrups were colored incorrectly. This means that over half of the bikes will have mismatched stirrups until our fabricator can get new ones made. I will repeat this - the fabricator IS MAKING THE STIRRUPS SO THEY MATCH!! No need to worry. We are sending the mismatched stirrups out, so people can immediately enjoy their bikes, and will ship the correctly matched stirrups when they are finished. So some of you will be a little colorful for a time!

Below is a photo of the stirrups. The top set is the correctly paired set. The bottom one is the incorrectly paired set. So yes, the teal bikes will not have matching stirrups.

Here are the stirrups that DO match:

These are the ones that DO NOT MATCH:

You will be able to use the above stirrups until you get your matching sets! I'm so sorry about this. I understand how disappointing it is to order something wait weeks and weeks and then have it be incorrect. I can't even voice how frustrating this is.

  • Two of the bikes can't be shipped out tomorrow. There is an issue with the nuts that are welded onto the shaft holders which are then used to hold the shafts. We can't screw the set screws into them. We will be taking those two frames back to the fabricator tomorrow and hope they can trouble shoot the issue. I am crossing my fingers that this doesn't hold up these two bikes for very long! But it's no good for us to send out bikes that can't be used. It's so incredibly frustrating. Handsome Hubby and I were very upset about this.


Now I'll share some photos of the fun colors in this batch! First, I'll show a photo of just one of the 3 matte black bikes. Followed by a photo of the Ink Black bike, which is the glossy black:

Matte Black
Ink Black - Glossy

Then we have the Dark Green bike:

One of the Purple bikes. There are two!

One of the Teal bikes. There are two of these as well!

And last but certainly NOT least - one of the favorites of this batch - the Pink bike!

We spent 4 hours putting the bikes together last night. Thankfully, we had already put the wheels and tires together and the sliders on the seats. Spreading out the work makes it so much easier!

Today we spent 6 hours boxing up the bikes that will ship tomorrow. Those of you with bikes on the way should have tracking numbers in your inboxes from me! Each bike is shipped in THREE boxes so you'll have THREE tracking numbers.

The pony trailer is FULL!

I'm so excited for each one of you to receive your bikes! I can't wait to hear what you all think.

I love photos, so if you are inclined to share, please do. Seeing people and their ponies out enjoying their bikes brings a smile to my face! You can email me directly at or tag me on Facebook or Instagram!

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