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What’s in my brush box?

If you have read this blog for any length of time you know that I am passionate about the health of my horses while keeping things as simple as possible. One way to ensure my horses are healthy is to spend time grooming them, checking their weight by pushing my fingers through their thick winter coats, running my hands and brushes down their legs and keeping their faces, eyes and noses clean.

**I don’t brush them when it is below zero however. They need their hair to be all fluffed out when it’s cold, that is how they are insulated from the wind and cold temperatures. I also don’t brush the ice and snow off their backs when it’s cold as that too acts as an insulator!

Having well made brushes helps me with my grooming. I am a huge fan of natural bristles whenever possible as they don’t seem to build up as much static as the plastic brushes. Also natural bristles last much longer than plastic!

I spend a little more on my brushes and then take the time to keep them clean and in good working order. This lengthens their life and helps me clean my horses! It’s so difficult to clean a horse with a dirty brush! I never share my brushes with anyone. I use the same brushes on all my horses, but don’t let others use my brushes on their horse. I’m a little weird about that – but most of the people that know me know I’m a weirdo!

I bought several of my brushes from Reinholds Horse Wellness. I’ll list all my brushes and where you can get them below.


Shedding Blade

I’ll start with the brush I would begin my grooming session with, the shedding blade. The one I chose has only one loop and smaller teeth. I don’t like the double loop blades or the round ones. I find them awkward and less effective when loosening dried mud and sweat. ($3.39)


Rubber Curry

Second is the rubber curry brush. I prefer the kind with the longer teeth. I feel it breaks up the loose hair and dirt better and also offers a nice massage! ($4.88)


The Urchin

Third, I use my mane and tail brush, the Urchin. I use this to brush the forelock, mane and tail as well as to brush the body. The horses love it! It is a wonderful brush for getting all those itchy spots. ($12.95)


Epona Love Brush

I would also use this cute little wooden brush here, in place of the Urchin sometimes! It’s called Epona’s Love Curry Brush. ($10.95)


Flick/Dandy Brush

Fourth, I use my flick brush. This will flick all the loose hair, dirt and dandruff off the horse’s coat. Reinholds doesn’t have the same flick or dandy brush anymore, but this brush is similar. ($12.95)


The Curly/Mud Brush

Then, I use the Curly brush or mud brush to help pull even more dander and dirt from the horse’s skin. I got to test this brush on Billy and then they named it the Curly! I like to think it’s named after him. ($21.95)


Equi-Essential Medium Bristle Brush

Next, I use this cute little medium/soft bristle brush by Equi-Essentials. It fits perfectly in my hand. Sometimes the larger brushes cause hand fatigue when I am grooming for awhile. Grooming 4 hairy miniature horses can take some time, so I do love this little brush! It makes my job easier. I may upgrade to other small brushes that fit in my hand better soon. ($9.85)


Grand Gilbert/Finishing Brush

In the summer time I finish up my grooming session with the finishing brush. I have the Grand Gilbert which is a soft, thick boar hair brush. It’s the large finishing brush. Reinholds doesn’t sell this brush any longer, but a similar brush would be the Turnier. ($21.95)


StripHair Shedding Brush

I also have the StripHair brush to help my ponies shed in the spring. If it gets hot quickly then I’ll go ahead and clip them. Usually I’ll start with under the neck, the chest and the tummy. Typically they will shed the rest pretty well with lots and lots of brushing! ($48.00)


Inside my brush box

I store my brushes in a plastic box so they can all lay down as flat as possible. I found this box at Michaels  Arts & Crafts ($16.99). I love it because of the handles and the fact that the lid snaps on. I also keep my box clean and tidy. (If I gave my house this kind of attention it would sparkle!)

And that is what I have in my brush box!

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