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Winter Driving

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Last year I shared a few of my winter driving tips. I just thought I would share a few of them again now!

It’s been very cold here for the last two weeks. When the temperature is the in the single digits I, personally, find it too cold to drive or do much outside. I don’t have anything to prove to anyone, so when it’s that cold we don’t go for walks or drives. It hasn’t only been in the single digits though, it’s been below zero with some major wind.


BUT it’s supposed to warm up tomorrow and then Zorro and I can hit the roads again! We did manage to get one drive in last week, just before I got sick, and did a little sledding on the road. One major reason for this? Zorro got a new collar and hames set and some new harness pieces! I wanted to try them out.


Zorro’s new Permasoft Back Pad, padded breeching, black brow band and Brodhead All Purpose Synthetic Collar with hames and short tugs!

My first winter driving tip is:


Keep your bridle in the house so your bit stays nice and warm. I put the rest of the harness on and then bring the bridle out when I am ready to hitch. I carry the bit in my hand to keep it warm and offer it to my pony right away, along with a cookie. My ponies are very happy to pick up the bit all by themselves!

My second tip:

Cut a small bridle path so the bridle will sit down neatly behind their ears. Ponies tend to have A LOT of mane and all the extra floof can cause the bridle to just pop right off over their ears!

My third tip:

Instead of always using the cart, get a sled and have them pull that! It really adds to the fun of winter driving and is easy to get in and out of. It makes me feel like a little kid, going sledding with my ponies!

My fourth tip:

Get yourself an Arctic Horse Riding Skirt! Man this skirt has made all the difference this winter! I have a fake sheep skin rug to put on my wooden seat in my sled and then I am bundled up in my skirt and I stay toasty warm on our drives.

My fifth tip:

Get yourself a pair of fleece lined leggings! These things save my butt all winter long. I wear them every single day. They are warm and comfy. Two things that are very important to me in the winter time.

My sixth tip:

Have fun!! Winter is a fun time to enjoy your pony too! Bundle up, get moving and laugh. You will stay warm, I promise!

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