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A Quick KBike Update June 2024 & FYI on Tire PSI

I just found out they are planning on powder coating the KBikes on or around Monday, June 17th. I am hoping this means we can pick them all up on Friday, June 21st. Then, Handsome Hubby and I will being putting them all together, packaging them up for shipping and sending them off to their new homes!

I'm sorry everything is taking so long. We are at the mercy of the fabricator and their schedule. The person I used to deal with doesn't work there anymore so am dealing with a new gal and she isn't as good at getting me updates. I keep emailing her but don't hear much back from her - I expect she doesn't like to reply until she has something to share. I totally understand that!

In the mean time Handsome Hubby has been putting the seats together and we spent a day this weekend putting the wheels together. It turned out we were one wheel tub short so have to wait for the company to send us another to finish that bikes wheels. It's always something it seems.

Just a quick video showing how much tire pressure we suggest for regular driving. This will vary depending on what you are planning to do with your bike! 30 PSI is the 'magic' number.

Cross your fingers that everything is perfectly wonderful coming from the fabricator, and that we can have this batch on it's way by the end of June - giving you all plenty of summer to enjoy them!

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