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Do I need to order a second set of KBike shafts for my other pony?

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

I've been getting lots of emails and messages from people who have purchased a KBike in the last two batches. There is some confusion about the KBike, I believe.

First of all, the KBike is NOT a Hyperbike. It's just not the same vehicle at all. Does it look similar? Yes. Because it's difficult to design something that does what the bike does and have it look different. Even the Hyperbike is designed based on the racing sulky, lightweight, sits us RIGHT behind the pony, stirrups for our feet:

Image from:

That's where the similarities between the KBike and the Hyperbike stop, however!

We use different wheels, different tires, different boat seats, different sliders. Our shaft design is totally different. The frame bends are different. We use different materials to make our frame and shafts. Our stirrups are different. Even the hardware we use is different.

Second, no, you do not need a second set of shafts for your other pony.

Why? Because the shafts of the KBike are adjustable. This means you can slide them in and out to make them shorter and longer. You can turn them in and out making them wider and narrower. This allows you to use the same shafts for a number of different ponies.

If you cut no more than 3" off the ends of your shafts when you receive your bike (and many of you will not need to cut ANY of the length off!!!) then you can be assured your shafts will work for minis as small as 32" tall and ponies as large as 46" tall. THE SAME SET OF SHAFTS.

Goldie is 32" tall. The shafts are pushed all the way in and we made then narrower.The wheels are on the lower holes in this photo because I forgot my tool to take them off. But it worked just fine! The balance was PERFECT.
Gracie is 35" tall. We adjusted the shafts and made them wider for her. Again the wheels are on the tallest setting and again the balance was PERFECT.
Zorro is 40" tall. The shafts are wider and pulled out a bit for him. The wheels are set on the setting that makes the bike sit up higher. Just as they were for the two photos above.

If you are using them for several different ponies I suggest using a Sharpie marker (silver works great for this) and mark the underside of the shaft so you can dial in your shaft adjustment for each pony. This way you don't have to fiddle with the balance each time.

If you are using the bike with the smaller minis then, you'll want your wheels on the upper wheel hole, this lowers the bike. I would say anything from 32" - 37"

If you are using the bike with a larger mini/small pony, then you'll want the wheels on the lower hole, making the bike sit up higher. Anything from 38" - 46".

But, use your own good judgement for this!! If you feel you are sitting too low behind your mini or pony, then, raise your bike frame. If you are feel you are towering over your mini, then lower your wheels. Please do understand, for those little guys - you WILL sit above them. That is the nature of driving a small mini. I don't know of a vehicle that will allow you to sit down behind the tiny minis. And yes a 32" mini is tiny!! Small, but mighty does work for those little guys.

Again, Goldie is 32" tall and extremely refined. She can drive 15 miles back to back over a weekend and is a power house. We call her the tiny dragon. She is small but mighty! You can see how Molly sits ABOVE her in the photo and it doesn't effect the driving lines or the balance. Goldie is happy and bright and enjoying her job.

To answer the question I have been getting simply - No you do not need another set of shafts. Use the set you have for all the size ponies you have.

Now, get out there and enjoy the trails with your pony!!

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We would like to order a K Bike and Comfy Fit harness as soon as available! we will send a deposit when you need it! Thank You Sincerely. Alan & Christine Polka. 724-331-5691

Mindy Schroder
Mindy Schroder
Feb 21, 2023
Replying to

Hi Christine, Please email me at to get on the KBike wait list. As for the harness you can go directly to to place an order for a harness! Thanks so much! Mindy~

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