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And we start again!

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Finally! The weather has broke a bit and Zorro and I have hit the road again.

At least we aren’t below zero anymore. It’s still snowing buckets and buckets of snow, but with the temps in the 20’s and 30’s it’s time to get back to it!

Yesterday Zorro and I did two miles. I decided to start easy with a halter and one line. I do a lot of one line driving when I start a driving pony. I don’t talk about it much because it’s a tricky way to start and my cause more frustration for most people. But I find it very simple. And once they understand the concept away we go! Zorro drives just as well on one line as he does with two 🙂

Here is our video from yesterday:

Today we walked three miles and Zorro was happy as a clam the whole time. He really would have preferred trotting but I am also working back up to 5 miles a day and running is not in the cards right now! LOL! But I won’t hold him back too long. He will be back to pulling the sled and the bike in a week or so. I don’t want to waste the good snow on the roads right now! The snow at our house is too deep to enjoy. It would just be too hard on Zorro.

This is what you get when you have a basically white pony, who likes to nap A LOT and is stuck in a small area.


He is so embarrassed about how dirty he is…

There is so much poop because I can’t move it from where they are currently to the manure pile due to the deep snow. I rake it to the edges, but Zorro really does like to lay in the manure pile anyway and so chooses to lay in the poop in the small area too! LOL


What!? So I’m dirty… lets go for a walk!

And away we went!


And he is looking really good coming out of winter. I can see those 68 miles on him! And the fact that they can’t go in when the weather is bad means they have to use a bit of the fat they are packing. He is really trimming down nicely! I am excited to see what is under all that dirty hair!


A little video from today. Zorro is learning to be more consistent at the walk. He likes to break gait and trot often. He will get more consistent with time!

I’m very happy to be back out there tracking our miles and getting more experience under our belts. We are going to have such a great year of driving!

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