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Perfecting Your KBike Balance

Last weekend, Handsome Hubby and I, made a video showing how to perfect your KBike balance by adjusting your shafts. I do some trouble shooting with you in the video and show the changes I make, as I make them. The video is a long one because, as usual, I am a bit long winded... blah, blah, blah. lol.

Hopefully, there are some gems in there that you can take away so your 20 minutes doesn't feel wasted!

First of all, the width of your shafts will greatly effect the overall balance of your bike. Not only that but the width will also determine just how comfortable your pony is when pulling the bike. AND the width of the shaft determines how high or low you'll need to have your shaft loops. The bend in the shafts were carefully designed, so we can dial in all those things for our ponies.

Next, the length of your shafts will help you get your balance perfect as well. Sometimes you'll need them a little shorter and other times you'll need to pull them out of the shaft tube a little bit and make them a touch longer, moving the pony a little further away from you. **Remember!!! Even 1/2" is a big deal when you are dealing with minis and ponies!

Lastly, I go into detail about exactly what "bounce" is when dealing with balance. My hubby pointed out that he didn't 100% understand what I was talking about when I show how the shafts bounce, and then how they level out. I show examples of both to try to make it easier to understand for all!

Onto the video!

Please reach out to me if you are having ANY balance or hitching issues with your bike. I am always happy to help. This goes for the KBike or the Hyperbike or the Vanderveen! I can trouble shoot for any of them.

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