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Away to the Mountains

Updated: May 10, 2022

I took the ponies and ran away to the mountains the other day. We do this often but on this day the sun was shining and the grass was so green. It was a very soothing day full of exploring new trails and navigating some tricky obstacles. It's really best shown in photos... and at the end I'll share a quick review of a product that I have been trying and loving!

This trail started out so promising, but it quickly got very steep. I had to get out and hike behind the bike. We hiked for about a half a mile and it didn't seem like it was going to change, so we turned around. What we saw was beautiful!

Zorro is an explorer. He doesn't really like to stay on the trail but goes up side hills, drags the bike over downed trees and big rocks, because the trail is just too easy. LOL! Of course I wasn't in the bike for these detours. I like excitement too, but that would be just too much!

Sky was mad because I wouldn't let her eat the green grass on the trail. She was pouting in this photo. LOL!

We found this awesome four-wheeler trail! It had been mostly cleared. Parts of it were steep and I had to get out, so Zorro could bounce the bike over the big rocks and one downed tree in the trail. The trail followed the creek which was so pretty!

Sky had to stop pouting and pay attention to the trail. She did great! At one point we spooked something off into the thick trees. There as some crashing around and Sky was certain it was a bear but we survived! Here is a video of the drive:

And last but not least! A Facebook friend shared these fly collars (the red arrow is pointing to the collar) on her wall a few weeks ago. I figured it was worth a try and bought two, one for each pony. I totally forgot the fly spray on this drive and was a bit worried as the flies in the mountains can be super aggressive. But I am happy to say, even though we had CLOUDS of flies flying around us, none landed ON us! Not even on me! I had a mosquito land on my hand but it quickly flew off. I was AMAZED!

I bought mine from Chicks Saddlery. You can find them here: Herbal Fly Collars for Horses

Such a fun day! The next day we went on a group drive with the Ten Mile Drivers and that was a fun day too! We all three earned a day off today, so we are being lazy. Sunday's are the perfect lazy day.

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