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Let's Spread Some Love! Pony Products

I love sharing what others make. Spreading some joy and love all around the pony community. We are all just trying to make enough money to feed our little four legged loves. If someone I know makes something you can use, then wonderful! If you don't find anything you like here, that's wonderful too! There is something to be said about contentment.

First up - The Hyperbike/KBike Back Pack

I got very ambitious and thought I would be able to learn how to sew KBike Back Packs. This has proven to be very untrue. I have removed them from the website and am instead spreading the love!

I bought a wonderful little bike back pack for my Hyperbike some years ago and have since reached out to Amy at Amy's Mini Pony Cart Back Pack and asked her to make me a KBike back pack! Walla! So much easier than sweating it out in the basement with my hubby's giant sewing machine - that I am quite sure will easily sew right through my thumb nail if I'm not watching...

These back packs have water bottle holders and a large pocket for any and all of your tools, snacks, an extra jacket, etc.

The bottom part of the cover has little pockets with velcro closures. Perfect to slip a little camera into. **Your phone will fit in here as well however, I do not suggest having your phone ON your bike but always ON yourself. Just in case you get separated from your bike and your pony...

You can reach out to Amy by emailing her at and order your very own KBike back pack! Please put BACKPACK in the subject line- all caps- so your email order doesn’t get lost.

Next Up - Name Tags

I love these adorable little velcro name tags. They are made by Carol's Stitchery on Facebook.

If you don't have Facebook you can reach out to her through email:

These are, simply put, genius. No need to punch holes in your halters, just simply wrap the velcro name tag around the cheek piece. You can put them on halters, on bridles, move them from one halter to another. Have them printed in different colors and pick different fonts. They are so much fun!!

And Lastly - Mini Horse Back Packs

Of all of the things I use, I am asked about these the most. Miniature horse back packs.

My online friend Kristi Rummel-King came up with these little back packs so our four legged friends can carry our water and snacks, sweat shirts, jackets or picnic blankets! My boys wear theirs when we go hiking all the time. It's a great transition from not carrying anything to wearing a harness eventually.

There is a turn back strap and a crupper to help keep the pack balanced and to help keep it from tipping off over the pony's head when they put their head down to snack. lol!

You can order yours here: Round Barn Ridge - Etsy Store

**the little red pack that Oliver is wearing is not on the Etsy page. It’s just a little ‘leftover’ pack. I have since had Handsome Hubby add a d-ring to the back of the pack and added a turn back strap and crupper.

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Jul 30, 2022

Great idea to share items. Husband makes some custom things for me. He is a leather craftsman. I'll have to ask him if he wants me to list anything. He really doesn't want in the "harness making" business. But it sure is nice when he can custom things for my minis like traces, tooled leather things, sheep skin on the seat of my Hyperbike cover, and repair work.

Mindy Schroder
Mindy Schroder
Jul 30, 2022
Replying to

Thank you for sharing Lynda! I would love to share something your hubby makes. I wonder... would he be interested in making Zorro a "war" bridle? I have been wanting something a little different for him!

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