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Finding Magic Everywhere

There is a place, up behind my house, that is so magical... Unicorns live there!

These two were such troopers for this little photo shoot. Zorro was amazing. Oliver had his moments. Moments when he 100% played along, and moments when he wasn't having any of it. lol! He is definitely a two year old.

A little behind the scenes. This is a real horn. I mean, it's not made from an actual unicorn horn or even antler or horn, but it is a real prop. It is made out of hard plastic. I use a single piece of wire that attaches to the horn and then wraps under their jaw. This works great on Zorro (he even went a little rogue and trotted off through the forest. lol!) but it doesn't work on Oliver at all. He has such a tiny face and his eyes are so huge, I can not get the wire tight enough to hold the horn in place if he moves. So it falls off all the time. I am currently designing a different wire set up for him.

I got my unicorn horn on The Unicorn Maker

I have two of these types of horns. I also have a horn from The Unicorn Corner. It attaches to a halter or bridle with wide nylon straps. I find this style a little more difficult to "magic" away the straps... The Unicorn Corner

This is what things look like before I sprinkle a bit of magic on the photos:

Then I wave my magic and walla!

Unicorns are REAL.

And they are prancing around in the forest.

Zorro was 100% free in these. No ropes or halters needed! He did make a little detour up through the trees but it just made for a beautiful opportunity!

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." ~Roald Dahl

I truly find magic everywhere!

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