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Ground Driving with Zorro

Updated: Aug 29, 2019


For the past few years Zorro has done things like go for long walks with me and the dogs, sometimes with me and his mama, Sky, but those aren’t as fun because Sky has to go everywhere as fast as she can and Zorro is slow. He has gone hiking, crossed bridges and climbed mountains. He has been in a parade and I took him to one of our driving group get togethers so he had to haul in the trailer by himself and then be handled by multiple people at the clinic. He has been the buddy at the vet and has been there a few times, once for his gelding and several times to have his teeth worked on and for check ups…


He has been ground driven a TON. Both in just his halter and then in an open bridle and then in his harness. He loves his harness and when I would take it out to use on Mikey Zorro would have a little melt down at the gate. If I brought out Sky’s harness to use on Mikey Zorro didn’t care at all. LOL! So he definitely KNOWS which one is his. Now that he is almost 4 years old it’s time for him to DRIVE!!


I’m so darn excited for this part. It’s so satisfying to train a horse that you’ve raised. One that has the benefit of all the hard work you’ve put into becoming a more knowledgeable horsewoman over the years. Zorro is not afraid of the things that happen when we are out and about. He isn’t worried when the dogs race around like maniacs. He doesn’t care about cars. He doesn’t spook when deer pop up and race across the road in front of us. He doesn’t care when I raise my hands or move quick, kick the rocks or scuff my feet. He knows that I will not hurt him and I will not be unfair to him. Mostly because he has had so much time with me moving around him, feeding, scooping poo, and handling him daily since he was about 8 months old, but I have always been CONSISTENT with him.


I’m not saying that Sky was EVER abused because she was not. But she is a more anxious horse and more reactive. To be honest when Zorro was a baby I thought he was going to be like that as an adult, but the constant, consistent handling he has had here has helped him overcome some of those innate traits. He has become braver and braver and had so much support that now he just blooms!


I say this in one of the videos, but I wish that everyone would have a chance to have a pony like Zorro. He is my unicorn.


So here are two videos from today. In this first one I do some talking… so if you don’t want to hear that, then skip to the second one where I keep my mouth shut! LOL!

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