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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I love all my harness. I currently have 3. One Comfy Fit harness, one MaraFUN and one MaraFUN SuperFUN harness. I love them all equally. (Well I may love the Hurricane Blue one a bit more than the other two but don’t tell them that!)

The other day we went out and did a photo shoot with Zorro, who was so thrilled with my idea of having him get dressed up and pose THREE times. By the last harness he would barely look at me. LOL! I thought it would be fun to see all three harnesses on the same pony. It really shows the differences!

The MaraFUN SuperFUN Harness

First up is the MaraFUN SuperFUN! I love this harness for Zorro. I have found the SuperFlex style of collar to be perfect for his body style and it is the most forgiving as far as fit goes. Zorro drives in an open bridle and this is his harness:


I love the hip straps on the MaraFUN harness:


I like that wide strap that lays across the hip, then branches out to the two hip straps for the breeching. I upgraded both of my MaraFUN harness to a padded breeching. I feel that is the best style for the type of driving I do!

MaraFUN Harness

Next is the MaraFUN harness. This is Mikey’s harness but if Zorro and I decide to show then I’ll use this harness for dressage. The traditional black harness! Of course I’ll get some open cheek for this harness as well.


I upgraded this harness to the Deluxe collar and the padded breeching. I also got the Horse Long saddle pad for both of my MaraFUN harnesses.

The Comfy Fit Harness

And last is the Comfy Fit harness!


The Comfy Fit bridle and the MaraFUN bridle are two VERY different bridles. I like them both but for different reasons:


The Comfy Fit bridle on the left has a big, cupped blinder. It also has a padded nose band which I love. And the Comfy Fit has a nose band hanger which makes the nose band separate from the cheek pieces. I like that as well. The crown of the bridle is molded and padded as well!

The MaraFUN bridle is on the right and has smaller blinders, which can be nice for certain horses! It’s a lighter bridle than the Comfy Fit but doesn’t have a padded nose band. And the nose band threads through the cheek pieces. Making the nose band less adjustable. The crown is not molded or padded.


Comfy Fit bridle on the left and the MaraFUN bridle on the right!

I love that you can add color to any of these harnesses. You can even have all the soft strap of the Comfy Fit in any of the 12 colors available. That is one of the things that sets Chimacum tack apart from the others. That and the excellent customer service 😉

Please feel free to ask any questions below or shoot me an email!

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