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Introducing "Double Treble Finely Tuned" aka Oliver

I'm am very excited to announce the addition of a new baby to my tiny herd!

Oliver will be coming to live with us on August 29th. Zorro and I will go pick him up. I don't want the baby to have to haul 4 and a half hours by himself in the trailer. Zorro is an old hand at hauling by now! And I'm hoping they will do a little bonding on the trip.

Oliver is a registered Shetland and is also registered AMHR. His mother is a beautiful gray Shetland mare who I have admired for a few years now. I knew her mother and LOVED her so am excited to have a grand baby of hers.

This is CNCs Pom Pom's Angel:

His sire is RHA Genu Ine Fine. He is a HOF halter stallion and absolutely stunning! His accolades are:

-2019 AMHR & ASPC Multi Champion Producer-​
-2018 AMHR Res. GRAND Champion Producer, ASPC Multi Champion & GRAND Champion Producer-
-2017 AMHR Multi Champion, Grand Champion, and Supreme Champion- 
-2016 AMHR National Champion Model Stallion-
-2016 AMHR National 3rd place in Amateur & Open-
-2016 Multi Champion, Grand Champion, & Champion of Champions!
-2015 ASPC Area 1 National Classic Grand Champion Sire
 -2013 Multiple Champion of Champions & Multiple Grand Champion Stallion!

I don't show anymore but if I did I think Oliver would stand more than a fair chance in halter and driving! I'm so excited to raise another unicorn with the help of Zorro and Sky. He is expected to be at least 38" tall... maybe closer to 40" just like Zorro! My favorite size for driving.

Tiny baby Oliver
And a bit of sass too!
So much sweetness.

Beware! There will be lots of baby photos to come! I am looking forward to videoing and tracking Oliver's training for all of my followers. It's so fun to develop a driving horse from this young tender age. It's so fun to raise them from babies!

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