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Miniature Horse Trailer

Updated: Aug 29, 2019


Finally! I have been wanting a miniature horse trailer for about 16 years.

LOL! Okay there were a few years in there when I didn’t think about it very much. But the entire time I had minis and the farm I wanted a mini horse trailer. And when I got this group of minis I started shopping for a trailer that would be better for my minis, three years ago.

I was so excited when this little beauty became available AND it was local! That never happens. It was as though it was meant to be.

It is a Calico trailer sold by B & W in Alabama. I misspoke on Facebook! I forgot to measure it but Hubby says he thinks it 12′ long and I know it’s 5′ tall and 5′ wide. It’s set up to haul 6 miniature horses, with 5 dividers. The minis are to ride completely sideways in the trailer but my ponies are a bit too big for that! LOL! So I just had to widen the divider area so my ponies can ride at more of a slant.


This is Goldie. She is 32″ tall and fits in the stalls perfectly!


Gracie in the stall. She is 35″ tall and a just barely fits. She was not happy to be in there!


Zorro in the trailer! He is 40″ tall and does not fit in the dividers. LOL. But he does fit at more of a slant.

Today my youngest son, Logan, helped me clean this little beauty. We scrubbed and scrubbed, pull the mats out and took out most of the dividers. Then we dried it with towels and proceeded to wax it.

Now, I have never waxed a vehicle in my life. But it didn’t seem like it would be too hard. Wipe the wax on, then buff it off! Simple.

Here are the directions:

Step 1: Start with a clean, cool-to-the-touch vehicle. Do not use in direct sunlight Step 2: Apply a small amount of wax to a damp foam applicator or cloth and spread evenly on one section at a time. Step 3: Let it dry to a haze, then remove wax and buff gently with a micofiber cloth.

Perfect! That sounds so easy.

Here is what we did:

We applied the wax with a damp foam applicator AND damp cloth, in the sun. We applied it evenly one section at a time but waxed the entire trailer all at once. By the time we were done the wax was dried to a haze. And stuck to the trailer like glue.


The side of the trailer that was in direct sunlight was the worst. THAT is why they say don’t do it in direct sunlight. (And also why not just reading the directions, but actually following them is important.) Logan and I buffed and buffed with all our might and quickly realized we couldn’t do this alone. We had to call in Handsome Hubby and his muscles to help. Even with all three of us buffing and buffing the absolute HELL out of the trailer it took us nearly 2 full hours to get the job done.



For me it was a labor of love. I feel that I intimately know every inch of that trailer now! I suppose you could say it was a labor of love for my boys as well, they do love ME after all. I did agree to buy Logan $100 worth of comic books. LOL! And now I have to cook an awesome dinner of chicken street tacos for Handsome Hubby. Maybe I should make some dessert as well.

I have to say that when my oldest son came home he found me straight away to say the horse trailer looked really good! So it is most definitely noticeable!! Whoot whoot! All that hard work did pay off.


Left is before and right is after!


Left is dirty AND oxidized, right is after waxing!

Logan and I also worked on fixing some of the rattling that was happening. I still have some foam padding to add and some weather stripping to the back door. But removing the dividers that we aren’t going to use, quieted things down A LOT. And adding electrical tape and a pool noodle to the things that were rattling helped as well.


I wrapped tape around the slot on the wall and then the handle of the latch to minimize the rattling. I need to put some foam on the handle and add a bit more tape or maybe foam, to the slot as well.


Zorro’s new spot! I can put my easy entry cart in the back there as well. I could haul a bale of hay or something in the nose of the trailer, if I need to, as well. I’m so excited!

I am so darned excited about this trailer! I’m hoping to go to a driving clinic next weekend and that would be it’s first debut.

Here I am standing in the trailer. People keep asking me if I hit my head when I go in but I just duck! I am 5’5″ tall…


Here is my son who is just about 6′ tall. He has to scrunch down…


Oh! And when Handsome Hubby pulled me down the road the second time and the trailer got muddy again, I used the hose to spray it down and the mud just came right off after all the waxing! Hubby said I should wax all our vehicles now. LOL!

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