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Our Hike

We went on a beautiful morning hike today.

I brought Sky and Zorro. I’ve hiked with Sky around our house and into BLM but we haven’t been able to go up into the mountains until today. And Sky is a hiking MACHINE!!! She absolutely LOVED it. Zorro, on the other hand, looked pretty miserable until we were going downhill. LOL! He was so funny. I think he was pouting because he had to wear bear bells. But they both sounded so happy walking and trotting up the trail… even if Zorro was making faces!

Turn up your volume for the video!


Sky felt like she should be the leader. So if my boys were ahead of us on the trail she was literally dragging me up the trail to be in front!


We were standing on the side of the mountain. Zorro looked longingly down the mountain.


Sky is a wonderful trail horse. When we got into the thick rocky areas she would lower her head and really watch where she was putting her feet.


Her miniature horse back pack was awesome! I am loving it. I need to save up and get at least one more. That way when we all go hiking the minis can carry our lunch, our water and our sweatshirts.


At the top of our climb the trail opens up into a lovely meadow. That was our destination today, just a short hike to start Zorro out. Once there I let them graze for a little while.


Then we started back down the trail! Zorro had a few moments of confusion and rebellion. Interestingly when he is having a little fit he will throw himself down on the ground. We had another mini that used to do that when we made her mad! LOL! It’s an experience! My boys and Sky watched him having his temper tantrum with interest. Finally he was ready to just walk or trot straight down the trail while not body slamming either myself or Sky. Phew! I’ll bet the next time we go hiking, next week, he will follow the trail perfectly! This boy learns things so quickly.


We have to cross the creek to go up this trail. There is a nice bridge and with a little time to think about it Zorro walked across beautifully! Sky confidently stepped right on and strode across… no thinking needed! LOL On the way back down I wanted to let them look at the water. Zorro was very interested, Sky just wanted to eat.


Zorro walked right up on the bridge on the way back across! Smart boy! They both were watching the water. I love Sky’s ear in the photo below…


What a wonderful way to start the day! The plan is to take the ponies on a hike once a week until the snow flies. It’s a great way to exercise them as well as get my boys out of the house and off their computers 😉

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