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Sieltec Harness - Made in Germany

Updated: May 10, 2022

I love to try new things. I am always up for a challenge and love to learn about harnesses of all types. When I heard about the Sieltec harness I was VERY interested! I made a friend on Facebook, who is from Germany, and she offered to zoom with me and help me learn how to make my very own Sieltec! Because of one thing or another we weren't able to get that sorted, but as a surprise belated birthday gift, Tabea MADE me a Sieltec harness and shipped it to me! I was SO EXCITED when she messaged me about what she had done. I couldn't wait to see what she made me, what color it was and to feel the material in my hands!!

It arrived last week and I promptly took it out and put it on Zorro:

There were some adjustments that needed to be made. I was thrilled to find out just how simple those were! This material is super soft, made of plastic-like material and the rope is hollow. So adjusting the length of certain harness parts is as simple as sliding an end of the strap further into the hollow rope or pulling it out a little.

I made the breast collar a little bigger and the turn back strap a little shorter:

and then hitched him up!

A few more adjustments and off we went!

The next video shows the harness up close.

This material is super lightweight. When I first put this harness on Zorro I swear he didn't even realize he had a harness on! LOL! I think it would be great in hot country. Lightweight and super breathable. This type of harness is often used for endurance or distance driving in Germany. I think it's perfect for that!

The breast collar is very much like his SuperFlex collar. He seemed quite happy in it.

I think this is a fun option for those that like to veer from traditional harness and try new things. I am so happy I have it and plan to use it a lot this summer!

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