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Sledding with the Little Sled!

My big sled seems to be too big and heavy for my ponies to pull. I think they wouldn't have a problem with it if they were hitched as a team. So I need to figure that out!

But for fun in the snow with Zorro I needed to come up with something else...

Enter, my little sled!

I bought this sled to haul hay out on the big track last winter and to scoop poop. Sky used it to pull rocks this summer:

so it's a little beat up! It doesn't slide as well as it could but it IS lighter and easier to pull!

I dug out the single tree from my old Kingston Easy Entry cart and rigged it to the front of the sled, then used heel chains and a few quick release shackles to hitch Zorro to it!

It worked a charm! He doesn't have to struggle to pull it, therefore BOTH of us have a lot more fun!

I put a plastic crate upside down and covered that with a blanket to sit on. It worked wonderfully! I could reach the ground with my feet to help with braking when we came down the steep hill, or when the sled wanted to over take Zorro a bit on the more slick parts of the road.

Here's a video:

Samson got in on the fun as well! If you watch the video you will see him get a ride at the end... LOL!

It was a beautiful and fun day!

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