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Social Distancing

I suppose most of you are either actively social distancing or thinking about starting to implement it. My Hubby is the Undersheriff of Madison County MT so we have been implementing this for a couple of weeks. He has had a lot of anxiety about me going out and about and nixed my plans to teach a mini horse and pony driving clinic this weekend. Thankfully those that were going to join the clinic were very gracious (and agreed!) that canceling for now was the wise choice. My Hubby's feelings will always come before a clinic!

I have very compromised lungs. Whenever I get sick whether it's a cold or the flu, it tends to settle in my lungs. I have had to be taken the hospital a few times over the years for lung related issues, so this virus is actually rather serious for me. However, since my hubby is on the front lines I am risking exposure whenever he comes home. He has decided that if he runs into the virus, he will stay at a hotel in town. At the same time my oldest works at the local hardware store and will be dealing with the public as well, so he will need to put his clothes directly in the washing machine with a bit of Thieves Household cleaner as soon as he gets home and then hop in the shower right away. And if he gets sick he may have to stay in town as well. If I can help it I would like to stay out of the hospital!

My Aunt shared this doctors (Dr. Dan Purser) findings with my mom and she shared them with me... I have a teleconference appointment with him this week so I can get a prescription for the pills he suggests we take to stay ahead of the virus a bit. Whatever I can do I will!

That leads me to what I am doing during my social distancing! I am still answering many calls a day- people still need their harnesses and harness parts. Because even though we aren't showing and participating in clinics right now many of us are still horsing around! I am brushing and brushing and brushing my ponies. I would LOVE to body clip Zorro this year but it just won't warm up around here. I'm crossing my fingers that I can do it by the end of May! I am planning on doing lots of long lining with Zorro. I signed up for an online clinic with Anna Marciniak called Get That Bit Right last year. I want to take the time it takes to really go through this clinic and get Zorro feeling relaxed, connected and calm about the bit. While also really getting the idea that the bit is connected to his feet and not only about his mouth. I plan on spending many hours on this in the next few months!

I am planning on going for long hikes in the mountains with Zorro and Sky this year. And would love to do some solo camping with the ponies and my dog Samson. The mountains are only 2 miles away so I don't have to haul very far!

I have been looking over several online courses that I can sign up for so I can continue my learning during this time. Maybe I will do even more learning than I would normally do! Usually I feel I don't have the time for online courses, but now I feel a slowing down of all the frantic go go go that I usually have at this time of year. Staying home is actually a much needed gift! Here are a few online courses I am looking at:

Anna Marciniak from One Horse Life-

Another thing I have done fairly recently is to start a Facebook Challenge group called The Essential Horse Challenge. If I haven't invited you to the group please feel free to join up! We will share videos of us doing different challenges with our horses and ponies as well as tracking the amount of TIME we spend with them. I have a few more things in the works and have enlisted the help of two of my online friends to get these things going! It seems we all have a little extra time right now ;)

What are you doing during these days of unrest? Are you finding peace with your horses and ponies?

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