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Sometimes we all need a break...

It seems that at some point every year I need a break. And no matter when this break occurs it seems it always benefits my ponies. Allowing them time off from the training/driving/hiking regiment is never a bad thing. In fact they always come back better than ever when we start up again!

This year we have taken the longest break yet. It's been MONTHS since we've had a nice long drive or even gone for a walk.

Our weather has been so completely horrendous. It makes doing anything outside very frustrating and COLD. Every day the wind howls and tries to blow the house down. 35-55 MILE PER HOUR winds here, pretty much every. single. day. This makes being outside completely miserable. For all of us. The boys have been hanging out inside their enclosed shed a lot. Or they stand on the side of each shed that the wind can't reach them. And since the wind direction changes throughout the day, at least they do move around a little bit!

Every evening Oliver starts picking on Zorro until Zorro chases him around and around the track. They really tear it up out there! I love being there to watch them do this. They spend some time rearing and wrestling and playing bitey face. They make me laugh and laugh!

This past year has been so difficult living where we do. We are way out in the middle of nowhere. It takes me an hour to drive, one way, to get groceries and supplies. The cost of living has gone way up here making everything so much harder for us. It's been so stressful, exhausting and some days I feel totally hopeless.

I will disclose that I had to go on anti anxiety meds this summer. I was having panic attack after panic attack and slowly felt myself melting down. One morning I was out of control with my panic and anxiety so I immediately called the local clinic and went straight in. They got me in that day and I started my meds the next day. I'll admit... both my Handsome Hubby and I call these my "magic" pills. Seriously they have made it so I can get up in the morning and get my work done all day. Amazing. They gave me my smile back.

That brings me to the next bit of news... Handsome Hubby and myself have spent hours and hours researching and discussing where we would like to move!!! Things are so crazy here with all the out-of-staters moving in, neither one of us wants to stay in Montana anymore. So we've been looking over different states that we may want to move to. So far, Missouri is at the top of our list! So, if any of my readers are from Missouri, and have ANY information or suggestions for us, we are open to it. I would like to be relatively close to good driving trails, but far from places where tornados frequent. LOL! I am not a fan of those beasts. Any info is welcome! You can leave a message below in the comments or reach out to me at

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Missouri is beautiful...don't live there but we LOVE to vacation there!! Eminence is gorgeous...most beautiful trails I have ever seen and the wild horses are so cool. Hope you find a place you love!

Me gusta
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