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Standard Curve Breast Collar

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I happen to have one of each style of breast collars in my tack shed. This was my first time trying the Standard Curve and I am happy to say that both Zorro and I like it!

I have had a standard curve breast collar for some time but haven’t really had a chance to try it out until yesterday. It’s been super busy around here with building the hay shed and the pony track and getting all our projects done.

The consensus on the standard curve? We like it! Zorro is usually pretty forward when we drive on the track. Yesterday was no different. When he doesn’t like a breast collar he lets me know pretty much right away. Yesterday he was wanting to trot and canter everywhere.


We have a lot to work on as far him starting to understand that the bit is actually connected to his feet and not just about his mouth. When he is very forward he will completely ignore the bit and my hands and make his own decisions. Not ideal. I had to one rein stop him twice and then he was soft and responsive immediately after. But I would like him to be soft and responsive before the one rein stop becomes necessary.

However when I did want him to canter and even gallop we had a blast on the driving track. We were FLYING! There are a few rocks out there and some dips and wahoo spots so the Hyperbike was literally flying. We left the ground a few times and did lots of sliding around corners. Any other vehicle would have likely launched me clean out of my seat. I was laughing so hard! Zorro didn’t mind all the craziness going on behind him at all. He just had his ears up and was flying. I couldn’t film that for obvious reasons. LOL!

Here is a little video showing the standard curve breast collar. This was before we headed out on the track and had some real fun!

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