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Cart Drive in the Open Bridle!

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Today was Sky’s first drive in the cart with the open bridle. She did great! She was calm and quiet the entire time. The wind was blowing (as usual) and she didn’t bat an eye at anything!


I won’t lie… I was nervous about doing this! Ground driving her and driving her in the travois weren’t a big deal but hitching her to the cart felt so risky! She has always preferred her blinders so to go without just seems so backwards. But she stood like a champ while I hitched her to the cart and quietly walked right off when I asked her to.

We did a little lap around the pasture and then went for a short jog on the road. I didn’t try to juggle a camera while out on the road, just in case something happened.

A few things I noticed with the open bridle. She stands a bit more quietly, for now. BUT she is more adamant about trying to do her own thing without the blinders. I found that so interesting! She would belligerently take the cart to one side of the road or the other and it took quite a bit of discussion to get her to listen. I will be watching that closely! I’m hoping we can do a longer drive tomorrow. The weather was iffy today, with lots of thunder. Also I was trying to get some videos made so that cut into my driving time.

I was just so happy with how she behaved today! She is such a little rock star.

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