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Updated: Aug 29, 2019


I love seeing all the differences between my horses as I start to work with them more and more. I typically can handle training only one horse at a time. My brain just doesn’t bounce back and forth very well anymore. I’m getting old. LOL!

Zorro is so much fun to work with! For one thing, he LOVES to be brushed. He will stand there and melt under the brush. Sometimes he drools or blows little bubbles with his lips. His lips droop, his eyes close and he just soaks it up. I also love grooming so I am just so thrilled that he is loving it. Neither Sky or Mikey like to be brushed very much. Sky loves it on her tummy and her rear end. Mikey doesn’t like it anywhere except his chest.


Zorro doesn’t care if I reach out and touch him on the rear while we are walking. I can smooth the hair under his hip straps, pet him on his side, play with his tail, and he will just calmly walk along, tail loose and swinging. When I first started Mikey if I touched him he would scoot his butt away or try to sit. He is better about it but when I reach out to touch his butt he will still clamp his tail. So to have Zorro be so relaxed is a breath of fresh air.


Zorro is a big, fat, fluffy teddy bear. He lets me hug him when I’m sad. He will stand and be near me when I am feeling really down. Sky will too but she demands all the scratches and attention. Zorro can just quietly hang out by me. Zorro loves to play with Samson and will gleefully run around, bucking and playing tag. They are so fun to watch.

He also puts up with my shenanigans without batting an eyelash… LOL!


There is something so refreshing about training a baby you have raised yourself.

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