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This is for the USA customers ONLY!


**The USA KBike is manufactured by a fabricator using premium materials and professional craftsmanship. We use high quality wheels and each bike is inspected for quality before it is shipped. We do believe these bikes are the most durable trail bikes on the market today. but we can't know how you are going to use or abuse your bike. There is no expressed warranty on the KBike or any of its components.


Once your bike has shipped there will be no refund.


Sometimes life gets in the way and after you've paid for your KBike you find you actually can't get it. While this is very sad, it's understandable and there is ZERO judgement from us! 

If you have put a deposit down or paid in full, and we haven't shipped the bike yet we can do a refund for your deposit, or the amount you paid, less 15% of the total purchase price.


It will take 10-15 days, once you contact us. Before we can refund you, we have to find a new buyer for the KBike. We need to time sort that out on our end.

Thank you so much for your understanding and your patience.

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