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Driving My Pair - Part Four

Updated: May 23, 2022

Today was the day to hitch Sky and Zorro to the tire drag! I hauled them 2 hours to my friend Carrie's indoor arena and she helped me set everything all up.

Carrie making a few line adjustments.

She checked the harness and my team lines, helped me with some questions I had. Then watched me ground them, to be sure they were working well together, staying in line and that Sky's inside line wasn't getting pulled on at all, while also checking that Zorro's outside line wasn't too short, pulling his head to the outside.

Carrie watching to be sure nothing is pulling weird or putting pressure on either pony's bit.

Carrie is walking with me so she can check the balance from behind as well!

I just LOVE this picture because it sums up today so well! Carrie helping me, Patti being supportive and filming, and Molly getting GREAT photos, with Hallie the Fjord tied up in the back ground. What you can't see are Molly's minis tied up on the other side of the arena in front of us and Patti's two Fjord geldings tied up across the arena from us. We had a VERY successful day!

Once we had everything all set then we hitched them to the drag!

You attach the inside trace FIRST. You move as quickly and effeciently as you can to minimize the amount of time you are between the pony's and the drag. Then you attach the outside trace! I am using heel chains (that I bought at my local hardware store) because I was worried my traces would be too short.

They did so great! I was super proud of them. Sky was so chill in the indoor. I was impressed with her walk today! She kept up with Zorro wonderfully. I came home and told Handsome Hubby that Sky would like it if we would build her an indoor arena... He said no, for now ;) We started with the 4 tires on the drag but the tires were grabbing so much of the arena footing that it had quite a bit of drag on it. I didn't want to over face Sky and cause her to be anxious so we took two tires off. They were much happier then! I'm wondering how the drag will work on the grass... if I will need the weight of the 4 tires or if they will do best with 2.

I'm glad my drag is so easy to adjust! All three Fjords pulled them today...

You can see the two boys along the wall. They are driven as a team and they pulled all four tires.

and so did Molly's little girls!

I was such a great day! We got a lot done and I feel far more confident with my set up, my ponies and my ability to drive them as a team!!

There were several mentions of a vehicle for a pair... time will tell I suppose! I know pairs vehicles are expensive so I will have to keep an eye out for an affordable option for Sky and Zorro. We will be content with the tire drag and the sled for now!

Next up... a blog all about the team lines! I have a lot of work to do to make that post but I will do it soon!!

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