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Emotional Raindrop for Horses

There are a few different types of Raindrop Therapies. The first is the original Raindrop Technique. Young Living sells an oil collection with how-to instructions about applying the oils and in what order. The instructions are for people. My aunt and I wrote a book about applying essential oils to your four-legged-friends in which we wrote out instructions for applying the Raindrop to horses.

Natural Health Care for Your Four-Legged Friends

Natural Health Care for Your Four-Legged Friends

Then there is the Redneck Raindrop, a term I coined, that means you go through your oils, test them and choose a few oils that can help your horse in the moment. This can change day-to-day and hour-to-hour depending on what is going on with your horse. This type of Raindrop can be three to as many as 6 oils. I tend to not go over 6 oils when doing a Redneck Raindrop.

Next is the Emotional Raindrop. This treatment is awesome for horses that have been through a trauma of some kind. The loss of a pasture mate, moving to a new home, having a foal, the weaning of a foal, (both the mare and the foal will benefit from the Emotional Raindrop!) having a difficult training session, when a mare is in season, etc…

As with the other two Raindrops, not only does the horse benefit, so does the person applying it!

Oils commonly used in the Emotional Raindrop are:

Emotional Oils for an Emotion Raindrop

Emotional Oils

Emotional Oils for the Emotion Raindrop

Emotional Oils

The above oils are just a sampling of the oils you can use for the Emotional Raindrop. I would recommend to keeping the number of oils you use to around 4-6 in any one given Raindrop treatment. Personally I would do only one Emotional Raindrop once a week. That will give the oils time to work their magic.

I made the video below to show how to apply the oils along the spine and to the frogs of the feet:

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or leave a comment below!

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