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Fall Founder

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Fall is a tricky time of year, at least here in Montana.

We have lovely cooler days with very chilly nights and mixed in there is some rain and even a little snow! All this is the perfect environment for those cool weather grasses to start growing again.

The above photo shows just how dry it’s been around here this summer. But hidden down close to the ground is this:


This is the short green grass that REALLY packs a punch! Because it’s a cold weather grass it thrives in these cooler temperatures and does not use up it’s sugars during the night. So this grass can actually be deadly for some horses and will cause founder in others.

Dr. Getty has written a wonderful article that explains what is going on with both the horses and the grasses in the fall and you can find that HERE.

At least take the time to walk out into your pastures to see if you have this green grass growing right now… If so it might be time to lock the horses off the grass for a little while. Until the snow flies and we get a few good frosts!

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