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How I Sit On My Driving Lines

Updated: May 23, 2022

In the blog about NOT walking behind your cart when training a green pony I mentioned that I would write a blog about how and why I sometimes walk along behind or beside Zorro and the bike. This is the blog about that!

First of all, I still don't recommend doing this, unless, you are a seasoned driver. And, I still say, don't do this with a green-broke-to-drive pony. Things can go too wrong too fast. Then, you have to fix something that is easily avoided. So, I stand by that blog.

And sometimes I get out of my bike and walk along beside or behind Zorro when we are trail driving. lol.

The reason I do this is because sometimes the trails we drive on get super steep and it's not fair, nor in some cases is it possible, for Zorro to pull me, in the bike, up the incline. I also do this when the trail gets super narrow. And, when it gets really rocky, while also being steep. Or if Zorro is having trouble keeping his footing. Or if he is getting tired.

Zorro does not wear blinders. He can see the bike and me. He can see all around when we are driving. I find this helpful for the type of driving we do and the kind of pony Zorro is. He really likes to be able to see. This also means that he doesn't get spooked when he catches a glimpse of the bike behind him, whether I am in the drivers seat or not. Of course, I have done extensive ground work, ground driving and pulling the travois and the sled as well. And we go back and pull the travois and ground drive and also drag the sled all the time. Keeping him "grounded". lol!

Because I get out and walk, I need to use regular length driving lines when I trail drive. These allow me to walk behind the bike or well to the side of the bike and Zorro. And I don't accidentally pull on the lines because they are too short.

I sit on the excess when I am in the drivers seat. This keeps the extra length of lines out of the way, neatly tucked under my leg, and unable to get into my wheels or get stepped on by Zorro, or Oliver.

This video shows how I sit on my lines:

Hopefully, this blog clears some things up! But I have a feeling it doesn't... LOL!

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