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Patience In Our Society

Updated: May 10, 2022

It seems that the word patience is considered a "bad" word in our current society.

The question I am asked the most often, on a daily basis is - How long will it take to ship? When will I receive my order?

Most people want their product yesterday but ordered it today. From a shop where they make hand made products. But they want it shipped same day and to arrive that day as well.

Not only that, when I read wonderfully written posts by Keystone Equine about teaching a pony or horse to stand tied quietly or to be hobbled, the comments are often negative, talking about learned helplessness. Sigh.

Since when is patience the same as learned helplessness?

This translates to this last and current generation of kids as well. I overhead a gal in Costco asking if she could make an appointment for her teenager because "God forbid a teenager have to stand in line and wait."


When did learning to wait patiently, WITHOUT looking at a phone screen, become such a bad thing? When did learning to wait patiently for a product you ordered become such an issue?

When did teaching a pony to stand tied quietly turn into abuse?

As someone who has been to lots of shows and organized events where the horses and ponies have to stand tied, I don't see how having a pony that has to paw, rear, scream, sweat and fret is better for said pony than cocking a hind foot and taking a nap. As a person who has owned the pony that is pawing, rearing, screaming and sweating I can say without a doubt I feel happier and more peaceful when my pony settles, cocks a hind foot and takes a nap. (It's certainly less embarrassing!) The road to having a peaceful pony is taking the time to teach them to be patient. That means they have to spend a certain amount of time standing tied or hobbled with nothing to do.

This is teaching boredom/patience.

This is the day and age of patience = abuse.

When PEOPLE can't even stand to be be bored, or patient, or peaceful I guess it's too much to ask for them to understand teaching these same qualities to their ponies.

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I was shocked out how fast my package came from you...I can be patient with the bit because I don't need it.....yet!!! LOL


“A wait is a rest.”

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