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Taking things personally.

One of the main differences between Sky and Zorro (and now Oliver) is that EVERYTHING happens TO Sky. When things are happening around Zorro he knows when it's about him and when it simply not. No matter how much time I spend with Sky, she always takes everything personally. (When I said this to Handsome Hubby he said, "Hmmm I wonder who that sounds like?" Sigh. Thank you Handsome Hubby.)

So, if I am feeding and step backwards, thereby tripping over Sky, she will freak out, spin away and race as far away from me as she can get. If I trip over Zorro he will stand like a rock and let me steady myself.

If Sky is eating out of her hay net and a piece of grass pokes her she will snort and back away from the net as fast as she can. Once in awhile she will spin and run away from the net.

In the mornings when I go out to feed them their hay pellets everyone knows exactly where they should be. But every morning Sky runs all around like a wild woman, ears flat to her head trying to be in all the wrong places. And when I don't let her take Zorro's feed she will race all around the track having a fit. Funnily enough, Zorro ignores her behavior entirely and Oliver is learning to. Unless she is throwing her fit in his direction, in which case, he will come and hide behind me.

Sky is so much my mirror that it's not even funny. And consequently I can not seem to do a thing with her. One would think that because she is so like me I would have a deeper understanding of her. Which I feel I do, but even though I understand her I can't seem to break through her defenses. Pair that with the fact that I am an extremely anxious person, and Sky is an extremely anxious mare, and you get two very anxious beings that feed off each others anxiety. I KNOW this is happening and yet I can't seem to get a handle on it.

And Sky is mad pretty much 95% of the time. She stomps everywhere with her ears pinned flat. It's so attractive. Her ears come up for cookies and when she is being cute to get a handful of pellets. (Hey. I get it! I feel frustrated and pissed off a lot of the time as well. And I'm sure I stomp around and look just plain pissy. Lord knows my kids and Handsome Hubby have learned to just leave me alone when I am acting this way. I recognize that in Sky and opt to leaver her alone too!)

I am finding as I age that I prefer geldings! LOL! Zorro is such a sweet boy, always a rock no matter how anxious I get or how crazy I am being. Oliver is also such a sweet boy, steady, not bothered by much, just a cool little dude. I really think Oliver is going to make an amazing driving pony, just like Zorro.

I don't know how I got so lucky to have two such amazing unicorn ponies! I am so blessed! And if nothing else, Sky knows exactly how to be super cute.

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