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The KBike is designed by Kent Maerz in Canada. He is a fellow driver, and has driven pony teams all the way up through draft horse teams. When he downsized to a Shetland pony he wanted a vehicle his pony would enjoy as much as he would! Something sturdy enough to bomb around the mountains and balanced enough that hitching and driving was a breeze ... enter the KBike!!

We all share a passion for these small but mighty creatures and want to advocate for them - they can do so much with the right equipment!!


The KBike works for minis from 28" tall to ponies 46" tall!!

The KBike weighs 55 pounds with the boat seat and the large wheels. It is built a little beefier to withstand some vigorous driving over varied and difficult terrain and works great for the larger ponies.

Because of the customization available with the KBike we can dial in the fit, so balancing is a non issue!


The KBike is a 2-in-one pony driving cart. The KBike when set up with the short shafts and a training cart when set up with the shaft extenders. (We are still working on the redesign on this option so it is not currently available.)


You can even add snowmobile skiis to this little bike and take it sledding in the winter time!! So many options with this vehicle.


Head on over to the KBike information page to learn even more! There are lots of photos and videos on that page as well: (the colored words are a clickable link!)  KBike Info Page


Here is a page that has blogs about the KBike. There are lots of photos here!! It's very likely that if you have a nagging question about them - I have answered it in one of these blogs. The colored words are a clickable link!


What harness do you need to use with the KBike? The answer is here: What type of harness do I need for my Kbike?


We do offer colors as an upgrade. There is an upcharge for color. If you want any of the colors listed (except for BLACK!) you will pay an extra $150.


If you order a black matte or glossy bike then you can pay 50% down at time of ordering. If you need to pay only 50% down please email me directly at and I'll make you an invoice. DON'T ORDER THROUGH HERE IF YOU NEED TO PAY 50% DOWN!


We don't know what color the seats will be but will let you know as soon as we are able to order them.




  • **Shipping & Handling for this batch of KBikes will be $375 + 3%($11.25) Credit Card/Transaction Fee.

    **The KBike price has remained the same at $2850, however we have had to add a 3% ($85.50) Transaction Fee to the KBike price for those that are paying with a credit card or using PayPal.

    To avoid the credit card/transaction fees you can pay with a check (or if you need to pay 1/2 down now and 1/2 down when your bike ships) please email me and DO NOT order here. You can reach me at

    The KBike is a fully customizable bike for trail driving!

    This page has blogs all about the KBike... If you have a question about the bike it's very likely I have answered it here: KBike Blogs

    Head on over to the Testimonial Page to read how much people are enjoying their bikes!

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