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Balancing the Easy Entry Cart Part Two

Just another post about balancing a two wheeled vehicle...

What a beautiful day it turned into! After snowing and snowing and snowing the clouds parted and the sun shone down. It was such a welcome reprieve from all the snow and w-i-n-d.

When I went out to get Mikey so I could trim his feet Zorro tried to shove HIS nose in the halter. LOL! I love it when everyone wants to wear the halter. So I trimmed Mikey all up worked on his manners a little bit.

Then I went and got Zorro and hitched him to the Easy Entry. I found a set of used shafts from Patty’s Pony Place (the same place I got my suspension kit from) on Facebook and snapped those right up!

When I first hitched Zorro to this cart with these shafts, which was also the first time he was ever hitched to the easy entry, the seat was tipping back dramatically.


The balance was fine as far as Zorro went, but as we know from my other blog post about this, the seat should sit level.

So I moved the bottom brace forward. This one accordions in and out, the pipe slides, so I moved it forward, making that piece longer. This leveled the seat right out!


Then we went for a little spin down the road, up and down, in front of our house. The snow is so deep, the road is slick and the easy entry is HEAVY, so I didn’t make him pull me for very long. But we had a fun time!

As we drove down the road Zorro was looking very closely at the way the snow is piled along the road. He would stop and LOOK, blow a little air out of his nose, turn and look at me, I would say, “It’s fine. Good boy, walk on!” and he would walk on. He spooked once but came right back down. We did quite a bit of trotting but I had him walk back home when we turned around.



After our little drive around I took his harness off and we went for our walk. Zorro wasn’t thrilled at first:


He thought he saw deer on the hill side here. I couldn’t see them but did see their tracks everywhere!


He is such a great walker! And he is getting more consistent and not breaking gait as often as he was. All good things come with time!


These boys are so cute!


For the month of March we have walked 8 miles!

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