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March 15th Drive

Updated: Aug 28, 2019


Zorro and I had such a fantastic drive today. Really really lovely.

We took the bike out because the snow is melting off the road so the sled is probably done for the year. (Except I’m taking it to the clinic tomorrow to go sledding in the field if the snow isn’t too deep there! I’ll share more about that later!)

To start I had to make a little video so Zorro had to stand quietly while I did that. My hubby was moving some snow with the skid steer right in front of us. But Zorro stood like a statue while I moved around with the camera. He was watching the skid steer but was nice and relaxed.


Arianna thought she would like to go along for a ride.

There were some big mud puddles in the road today and Zorro made a beeline for them and then took some time to get a drink from each one.


I love that because water crossings can be the most stressful thing to help a horse with. Even mud puddles can be hard for some horses to handle! And having a horse drink from creeks, ponds, puddles, or even buckets when you are out and about can be hard. So I’m glad to see that Zorro drinks when he is thirsty. My favorite kind of pony!


We ran across one of our neighbors out exercising one of her rodeo horses. Aside from a little spook when the horse appeared behind us, Zorro was such a good boy. He stood quietly while we talked even when the other horse was a bit fidgety. I was so proud of him! Then they rode off and Zorro got a bit antsy at that point because they were leaving. I had him drive up the road a bit further and then turned him around to head towards home, following far behind my neighbor.


He knows they are ahead of us on the road but he stood quietly when I asked him to.

Zorro knew they were up there somewhere but he listened to me, stood quietly when I had him whoa and stand still, walked off calmly, trotted up and then came back down to a nice walk. Everything I asked he did! He is going to be so much fun this summer!!


Here is a video of our drive:

We drove 3.5 miles today. That makes 17 1/2 miles for the month of March!

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