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Me, Myself and Sky

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I hauled Sky down to the river, about 30 minutes from our place, for a lovely morning drive today. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we had a great time! We’ve never driven there before so this was a first for us.


We saw fisher people on the river:


We enjoyed just looking at the river:


It’s 2 miles to the trail head from where I parked the Tahoe and trailer. The trail is for walking only, no bikes, so we didn’t drive the Hyperbike down it. We walked a little ways down it though!

We stopped at the trail head and had a snack:


And cooled off in the river!


Sky had her Equine Jogging boots on and they were awesome in the water! The velcro worked even when it got dirty and they emptied of water as soon as she got out of the river. I LOVE them!!!

We walked down the trail a little ways:


And then headed back to the trailer. Along the way back we saw a rattle snake in the road. It was stretched out but as we came towards it it coiled and went into striking position. I had two cameras on me but didn’t think to turn one on because all I could think was, they can jump as far as they are long… and it was a big rattle snake!! So no footage of THAT!

THEN we saw a black bear! To see that (what you can of it anyway) you’ll have to watch this video:

Sky is wearing her Comfy Fit Harness, her Driving/Grooming Collar and I had the 10′ long orange yacht rope. I love it for hiking because it’s so easy to see and lightweight. She has her Equine Jogging boots on and she wears the Active model. And of course we were driving the Hyperbike!!

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