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Summer Solstice Hike

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

My friend Teresa and I have been waiting to hit the hiking trails this week, but the weather has not been in our favor. So when we woke up to sunshine and warmth this morning, we packed up and headed to the mountains!


The ponies wore their backpacks and carried our water and lunches. Sky had my cameras as well.


They both just boogied on down the trail. We took in all the sites and sounds. It was so beautiful! The birds were singing and the wild flowers were in bloom.


We stopped and had some lunch. The horses practiced patience and stood tied to a couple of trees.


And then the rain started!! It quickly turned into hail and the thunder was rolling across the sky. The ponies were NOT thrilled to be out in the hail. They snuggled in closer to the trees, trying to avoid the large hail stones. We waited until it died down a little bit then we started back down the trail. It was a long wet walk down the mountain, but we still had a great time!

When we got home we were greeted by a raging rain/hail storm with lots of wind. It was MUCH colder at home than up on the mountain! The ponies were happy to go into their shed and Teresa and I were happy to get dried off.

We were very happy that we went out though! It was totally worth it!

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