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The Flex Boots!

This photo is before I added a pad inside the boots.

We finally had a chance to give the Flex boots a good try the other day.

The first day we messed around with them, I cut a pad to fit inside them as they were a little roomier than I wanted on Zorro's hooves. Then, we went out and put them through the paces of walk, trot, and canter, on a long line. One boot would fly off when we cantered, so back to the drawing board we went.

I moved the heel strap up to the top position and that solved it! In the photos above you can see how I had the boot adjusted first on the left and then when I raised that heel strap. It even looks better!

Now they stay on no matter what.

The day after I trouble shot the fit, I took the boys out for a walk and had Zorro wear these boots again, for a longer time. We walked two miles through mud and gravel and puddles. No rubbing and no mud inside the boots when we got home.

The photo below shows the muddy boot:

Then the Clean hoof below:

We trotted and cantered up and down the road to see how they stayed on. I am super happy to report that they worked beautifully! I think I'll measure his hinds, and order another pair for his back feet, for our more challenging trail drives this summer.

I'm determined to have a summer full of trail drives...

**Disclaimer: ALL the products I post on my blog I have purchased and paid for - unless I say something was given to me to try or as a gift. I will always say if I didn't pay for something. I bought and paid for these boots - I got them from Jenny Edwards in Canada - All Natural Horse Care.

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