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Last week Oliver went for several walks with Zorro and I. I just let him run along free to see what he would do and of course, he impressed me! He would graze and then run to catch up. If cars were coming he would run to catch up. He was independent and brave, heading out to explore in the sage bushes and down in the ditches. He can canter along in the ditch and handily miss all the gopher holes and the ditches, barely breaking his forward concentration. I think this pony is going to be an amazing driving pony!

Oliver is wearing Equine Fusion shoes, size 7 slim. So tiny!!!

Zorro's Equine Fusion Trekking shoe size 8 regular on the left and Oliver's Equine Fusion All Terrain size 7 slim on the right.

And here is a cute little video of Oliver's zoomies!

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