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Zorro’s First Time Pulling the Sled!

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

It was a beautiful snowy day for Zorro’s first time pulling the sled!

Things weren’t quite right with the harness but I fixed all that when I got home. Zorro did an awesome job! He is such a trooper! We only went 3 miles since the sled was a bit heavier than the travois. We were only going to go 2 miles, but when we got to the top of the hill there was so much snow!! The sled got easier to pull and Zorro wasn’t tired at all so we just kept going.


The traces were too long for this set up. I raised the shaft loops and used my shorter traces when we got home and everything stayed nice and straight and neat. But for this walk it was fine.


The ONLY reason I use the martingale is because when Zorro puts his head down the collar will sometimes fall forward all the way to his head. So the martingale just holds the bottom of the collar in that instance. But it is loose when he is walking and trotting!


There was a lot of snow up there and the snow was really coming down as we walked. It was so beautiful.

Today’s walk brings us to 51 miles walked!!

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