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I ordered my KBike. What's next?

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

You've placed your KBike order and are probably wondering -

what's next?

On May 1st, I placed the KBike order with my fabricator. This blog - The Made in the USA KBike - explains what parts are made by our professional fabricator.

**We have chosen to go this route to ensure the quality of every single KBike, the welds and the materials.

I was told it will take them a solid 6 weeks to complete our KBike order. I placed the order with them on May 1st, 6 weeks from that date is June12th.

The KBike frames and shafts won't be completed by my fabricator until June 12th.

Again, I placed the order for the frames and shafts on May 1st, they need 6 weeks to complete the order. I will be able to pick up the KBikes around June 12th.

Handsome Hubby and I will be out of town from June 6th until June 13th. My oldest son eloped in April. He and his new wife will be moving into a new home in Alaska, we are going up to help them - and to celebrate their marriage!

We are planning to begin shipping the KBikes (in the order in which the orders were placed!) on June 16th. I have a list of the orders, numbered #1, #2, #3, and so on, as the orders came in I numbered them, so we could ship them in that same order.

If you ordered a KBike, feel free to email me ( or message me on Facebook (@mindyponyprincess) for your placement in the shipping line up!

I'm so excited to get this going!! It's a lot of work for my hubby and I, but we love seeing you all enjoying your KBikes. Thank you so much for sharing your KBike photos and videos with us!

If you would like to see others enjoying their KBikes you can see the testimonials here:

If you would like to be on my testimonial page please email me your photo(s) and a little blurb about why you love your KBike -

THANK YOU to each and every one of you, for reaching out over the last few months, asking to be on the wait list, and most of all, for being so patient while we worked out a place to live and work!!

With light and joy,

Mindy PonyPrincess~

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