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Updated: Apr 23

It has been brought to my attention that my site is misleading when it comes to the footbasket option. I apologize for that.

We can not make the footbasket option as it is cost prohibitive to have our fabricator make them. They are very expensive to make and to ship. So WE are not making them.

In my last blog I mentioned Barb up in Canada and the fact that she is now making the Canadian KBike. I reached out to her and she said she will be making the footbaskets this summer and is willing to make them for the US customers as well! When she gets those going I will share that here, and let you know how to contact her for more information, pricing and shipping costs.

Again, we will not be making the footbasket here in Montana. But Barb is planning on making them in Canada starting this summer. Hopefully that clears that up!

Please understand that our intention was to be able to provide these. It's very upsetting that NO ONE here can make them for less $$. Sending me rude messages and emails is not helpful as it will not convince me to make them. All I can do is send you to Barb when she is ready to full fill those orders. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience. I know that was part of the marketing, the fact that the KBike could be used as a bike and as a little training cart. I am not saying this is not an option, just not one we can achieve at this time. If you live in Montana and know of a welder that thinks they could build this for us, while keeping it affordable to ship, please reach out to me! If you have nothing but rude and threatening words, then please keep those to yourself. I am worn out with trying to keep up with the rude messages and emails I am receiving.

If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all.

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